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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Clean Men

Well....I have been having a difficult time lately, as you saw from yesterday's drivel, had hoped today would be filled with sunshine and lollipops, but, surprise, it wasn't. If I was to write all the crapola that is whirling about in my brain right now, I would likely be ostracized and quite possibly fired, so I had best settle on something that is acceptable. I have been telling myself, blogging is a wonderful release from a ton of stuff that used to rot away inside, but, it has it's limits, and perhaps I will have to be like a fellow blogger, and consider putting the finer stuff off on a sideline, and someday, with a pseudonym, tossing it out as a book,lol.
  So, lets see, what is safe? How about, Clean Men? Yes, as most married, cohabiting, mothers,and maybe, girlfriends know, guys can be slobs. Oh, I remember my beloved when we first met, he had the cleanest area in the house he shared with about 3 other guys. I was amazed, his socks were all neatly put in one area, I think his bed was even nicely made. I thought to myself, this was perfect, a man who cleaned. Hah! Oh, now, don't get all antsy, Honey Bunny, I admit, there are times when you will get a rush of whatever, and I will arrive home to find things neat and tidy, but usually after I have gone off on a rant, about having to do it all myself. Not sure what happens when they move into the little nest, but, suddenly he is taking one sock off while in a chair, and the other finds it way under the bed. As to the bed, well, somehow that became my job. Dishes, I suppose while I was a full time Mom, I had the ability to accept this as my chore, but even when I went back to work, it was 90% my duty. I have admitted to all of you, I am not Suzy Homemaker, but I dream of a spotless home. I would try to have things to the standard I set (in my dreamworld) and always, I would go on a rampage, because it just never was accomplished.When I had weekends off, I would clean all day Saturday, then Sunday, I would appease my guilt by trying to make a wonderful supper, and head back to work on Monday, with dirty dishes, and a messy kitchen, that would remain as such, until the next day off. In the dreamworld, my beloved, and my amazing children would get together and clean everything up, so I didn't have to waste a day off doing it, again, Hah!! But, my Honey has a secret. He really and truly is one of those Clean men.
  Clean men only materialize when they are away from their women. Yep, I know this for a fact. I have gone to visit Honey Bunny many times when he has had to live away from home, and I am on edge, because his place is so damn clean! I worry about messing stuff up!! He always shares a place with someone else, who is apparently just as clean as he is. There are NO dirty dishes, bathtub is wiped clean after each shower, drawers are organized, cupboards are neat and tidy, and not a single sock is laying in the open! Yep, he also cooks, and takes the time to put every single thing away afterwards.
  We get these Clean men in the hotel, and sometimes their women come, and if I run into these women, I will state how wonderfully clean their husbands are, and how the staff appreciates this, and how lucky she is to have such a Clean man. Hah!!!! She will tell me this is not the same man she has at home, and I will understand.
  I suppose , these Clean Men , are much like I am with shaving my legs. Hey, been with this wonderful man of mine for well over 26 years, and I figure a couple of scratches from the pig bristles on my ham hocks hasn't caused him to leave yet, so I will use the razor time for something I enjoy far more. They have dropped their socks about their homes, and are still loved and tolerated, so no need to waste cleaning time at home.
  I wonder, if I had to share a house with another woman, would I shave my legs????