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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Aggravated Blogger

O.K. It is now clear to me, I need aggravation to motivate me to blog. I have attempted 3 times to write today, with no luck. Is it possible I sit here without a single nerve tingling? Nope, not on your life, always snapping at least one nerve, but today, I have more left than usual.
  It was, a pretty darn good day!! I know, I never ever expected to actually admit this, but today was such an amazing surprise, I am possibly still in shock. Our staff doubled today!! O.K. not much of a stretch to double a staff of 4,lol, but it was so unexpected, and the saddest part, is, it is not likely to continue. I suppose I could be thankful that I will have a recent good day to think back on, and I will be, for a moment. How simple, an otherwise physically wearing job, can become a piece of cake, with added help. It was actually difficult to pace myself to the ease of my day, I was done an hour early!! Oh please, let this continue for a few more days, at least. The whole atmosphere changed. We often joke, but today, we took the time to laugh together. I could see some of our faces lighten, and we stood taller, just that weight of having to run ragged for 7 hours lifted off of us, changed personalities.
  Oh, I admit, I am the grouch. I have a terrible habit of looking at things as a glass 1/2 empty, not like my counterpart, who is so damn positive, everything is 1/2 full. You all know people like her, always like the  song, "Don't worry, be happy". I have tried every which way I can think to rip the happy out of her, and failed. It actually frightens me when I think I am getting close to destroying her cheer, because, unlike myself, who has learned to thrive on dismal, she would be destroyed, and we would all suffer. I joke that she is actually the mean one, but it is a semi-joke, if she lost her 1/2 full attitude, and joined my dark side, she would likely put me to shame. I work very hard to be miserable, it is not always easy (although this job helps a great deal). To be miserable and make others laugh, is very difficult. I suppose carrying the black cloud everywhere I go, demands I offer some sort of rebate to those who must spend so much time around the constant storm, so I try and throw out a few sarcastic remarks, designed to make others laugh.
   I am still in a daze, and just can't think of anything to spew about. I am sure that by tomorrow something will occur, but I have to admit, the afterglow of a good day, is extremely enjoyable!