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Monday, 5 March 2012

So this time, we have a mystery!! Oh, I will tell you right off the bat, it has been solved, but..the joy is in the series of events that occurred. You will grasp a small glimpse of the workings of the mind of a long time Housekeeper, and that is absolutely amazing!!!
  O.K. the place I work is very old, as I have stated before. It was designed long before computers (much like myself), before folks brought their work back to their rooms, before crock pots, even!!! Each room, no matter how large, is limited for plug-ins, we have lots of rooms that have octopus extension cords hidden under beds, and behind ancient desks. Just recently we have been delighted by the purchase of some new furnishings, they arrive in clumps, and we (housekeeping) debate on which room will be blessed with the glossy pieces.The problem usually arises, on how these pieces can be utilized due to the plug problem. However, in the latest collection of furniture, we received modern black "wooden" computer desks, with a small drawer and high legs. Nothing fancy, but, goodness, definitely a huge step up from the 60's style stuff we have been dusting all these years.
  These desks had a flat black surface. Well, when you deal with countless guests setting a cup of coffee, or a drink on the top, the finish will disappear quickly. The solution is to get one of the Housekeeping staff, who enjoys spending time doing something other than cleaning, to clear coat the tops. The furniture made it's way to one area, where it was assembled, then it was brought down into a hotel room, where it was to be clear coated.Our co-worker completed her job, and the tops were all bright and shiny, however, we had to wait until a day when we had time to exchange furnishings.
  That day came on Saturday. My good friend and I exchanged 2 old pieces for new, removing computers and lamps off the old, and setting them back onto the wonderful modern desks. Oh, the change in the rooms was instantaneous, we felt we had improved and finally entered the 21st century. We chortled as we left these rooms, imagining the guests shock and appreciation when they opened their doors to find these brand new desks.
  Sunday afternoon, the girl cleaning in the section one of these desks had been delivered to, came racing across to tell us, she had gone into a room, and had a guest inform her, that when he pulled the desk drawer open, hoping to find a phone book, instead he found......DRUGS!!!! Yep, there in the drawer he found a paper clip, Zig Zag papers, a tiny vial of (perhaps Hash) oil, and this cute little "bud grinder". O.K. I only know it was a bud grinder, because the guest told me.
  Holy Crapola!!! How did this get in the drawer? The furniture had only been touched by the maintenance man, his son, and our co-worker. Ooops, who is the Stoner? Now, understand, we know those we work with quite well, certainly couldn't be our friendly Maintenance Man, and we know for sure it wasn't our co-worker, perhaps the son???You don't want to go accusing people's children of stashing drugs, and in truth, it was an unlikely possibility. That left only "Snears". You know, those little tags that say "Inspected by #12" maybe #12 was in the back room, inspecting, and enjoying a little Buzz, when #1 went to check on him, and he had to quickly throw his stuff in the drawer? Hey, could happen!!!
  All afternoon we discussed this, just no answer...maybe someone visited the room while work was being done? Now we wondered, who was missing their stash, and would they actually come asking for it? The answer exploded in my friend's head, as we were driving back to the hotel in the Sportsmobile (another story in itself). She remembered that one of these desks had actually gone elsewhere for a short period of time. It had gone into one of the rooms unfinished. She had come to this realization, because in the morning while we were cleaning this room, I lifted a can of coffee to dust, and found 2 roaches hidden under the Nabob. The desk had been removed by maintenance and been replaced by one that had clear coat. Sure enough, we whip back in the room, open the drawer of the one that had been replaced, and found 4 roaches, this was definitely the home of the grinder. We placed the stuff back in the drawer, and breathed a sigh of relief (sort of, as this is also the room with the 6 flipping air fresheners).
  Today we went back to check, everything is as we left it, no notes stating there are drugs in the drawer, so, if these folks were concerned the day they opened the drawer to find they were missing something, they did not call the office to complain, and, they did not call to thank anyone for the return.
  I wonder if, we are wasting our minds, perhaps we should become Detectives? Do you think the money is better?