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Wednesday, 21 March 2012


O.K. before anyone gets their panties in a twist...all those (except my buddy)in this "issue", no longer work with me!!!Please no worries that I am writing about you, if you see something that seems familiar, it is just fluke!! Goodness, I tried writing this last night, and had to delete, sometimes, you just had to be there. I will try very hard to allow you to see the problems we had with previous staff, and hopefully understand why we often feel like only the dregs of humanity show up to attempt Housekeeping(present staff excluded).
  Now, the worst possible message we can get from the office is..." We have Joe Blow staying in the hotel, and his wife is with him, she wants to work with you". In our experience, that has never ended well. We have to accept this, as besides always being short-staffed, these women are right there in our face, every day, and generally their husbands work for "That" company, we must always try and keep happy. Hey, once we even had this message about a husband and wife staying at the competition...we had to smile and deal with that winner. I recall he even explained that she was a tad "slow" Hah! Knew she was useless when she was handed the keys to our company wheels, and went out the door, only to return moments later to ask "what key do I use?" sadly there were 2 keys on the ring....Duhhhhh. She did not last long, apparently she thought "common-sense" was optional.
  We had the pleasure of a tiny little woman from Indonesia, who came along with her husband on a long-term project, again for "That" company. I have to admit, we all loved her, she was so cheerful, and sunny, just started everyone's day off with a smile. She is the only one I know that could whip through rooms faster than two of us combined. This appeared to be a good thing, until one day, I had to redo a room that had been a clean, for her, only to become a strip later in the day. When I pulled back the bedding, I found she had made the bed over the TV remote, and some underwear. She also was obsessed with the wash machine! She would grab piles of sheets, throw them in the machine, start it, and dump a cup of bleach in. We attempted to keep her away, sent her across the parking lot to another building, but somehow, when we turned around, there she was smiling, holding the bleach bottle. We had a little going away party for her, and then had to place a large linen order to cover the sheets destroyed by bleach.
  I was lucky enough not to have to deal with the one that shocked my buddy. This was a prize, again, staying with her husband..She was apparently on disability, for some mental issues (we were informed this, by her hubby, after a day of dealing with her). She was hauled off to help in the outlying area. Now again, the cute little house, I have spoke about before. When I say little, I mean it. The bathroom is tiny, and is immediately in front of the doorway. My friend was shaking her head, pretty much off the bat, as this one would take "smoke breaks" every 15 minutes, even in the guests rooms, but she was not ready for the sight she got in the house. The "newbie" was told to clean the bathroom, as my friend did a bedroom and the kitchen. When my friend finished, she went to check on the woman, there she was sitting on the toilet, door wide open! Cripes, if the guest had happened to open the house door, he would have had to be blind not to see her. Now, I have worked for years with this friend, however, if the urge hits us, while cleaning a room, we will close and lock the door. Guests do not need to see Housekeeping testing the toilet.
  We have one that is not with us now, but will return at some point. The short staffing is so desperate than we had had to learn to accept one woman who will work for perhaps 2 weeks, and suddenly disappear. She will generally do this at the worst possible time, and then, just as suddenly as she disappeared, she will show up one morning, as if nothing happened.
  I decided to include someone who did not work in housekeeping, but was definitely a close contender for the worst employee ever. This winner was hired for the restaurant. She had been camping just outside of town in a tent with her boyfriend who was working on a project. Guess the loving couple had a fight in the tent, and Goldie Locks showed up at the office door looking for a job. Hey, I try very hard not to allow first impressions to take control, but, this one had Ditz written all over. Our first meeting was when she waltzed over, and informed us she had permission to use the shower room. Hey, no problem, but...suddenly she is requesting more towels, she needs one for her body and one for her hair...then she is handing us her lingerie, requesting we wash it??????Things went from bad to worse, we knew the restaurant was not impressed with her, but suddenly we started finding her in the rooms. She would wait till guys were heading to work in the morning, and ask them for their keys, and then climb into the warm beds and sleep till noon. Worse, she would call through the door when we knocked, to tell us to come back later to clean, and also ask for her two towels. Some people just seem to push my buttons, and this one had mine down full force. I fought a losing battle of wits, as she was one of the most "witless" people I have ever met. Like the rest, she disappeared shortly. I suppose that we must be grateful that they seldom last longer than our nerves will take, and leave us with memories we can laugh about, until the next wife that shows up wanting to pass time in housekeeping.