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  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Humour in the Workplace

I wonder if when and where I grew up, has something to do with my need to find humour in day to day things, simply to manage to survive.
  My old time friends will understand this. We grew up back in the day, with no TV or computers, no Rec centers, no malls, and in truth, no road out. Our little town was totally isolated. We had a plane that would fly in (weather permitting) and a boat that came every Saturday, otherwise, we were on our own.Really sucked when I would decide to "run away from home", it was always on a day other than Saturday, and my Dad worked at the airport, so....I suppose I could have hitch hiked, but, like I said, the road simply went no where. Oh, we could walk 2 miles and end up in Alaska, yep, "the Friendliest Ghost town in Alaska" was at one end of the road, I could go into a whole other country. The other country, however, was a town that consisted of far less people than my own (which was about 500). The kids from that country drove to school in my country!!!The  great thing about the other country was, far better candy, very, very cheap Black diamond and 3 hills gold jewelery (no customs) and.....the really big one...we could drive a car, no matter what age. Oh, not saying that in Alaska, 6 year old children were legally able to drive, but, in this town, we knew when the State Troopers would fly in, so any other time, as long as you could see over the dash, you could drive. Remember, again, all dirt roads, and you would often be the only vehicle moving.
  So, what did kids do ? I hear on the news, how crime rates are up, because the places they live don't have anything to offer them. They don't have swimming pools, or Drama clubs, or Tap dancing classes, and have to turn to crime to fill in their social time. Drugs, drinking, fighting, killing, all this because they don't have anything else. This is lunacy!I am not saying we didn't have some of the drinking and such, but we somehow found a way to enjoy our lives without any frills.
  Also as a tidbit, we lived in a town where we would often have 6 feet of snow on the ground in the winter, and winter lasted from October 31st until April. Again, we managed. In those days, kids were seldom seen in the restaurant, that was a place for adults or families. We had a drug store, that had a counter where a person could get an awesome "Sundae" or a root beer float, but that was only for special occasions as well. We had comic books which would be shared, gosh, I can still remember the thrill of sharing with this guy who had boxes and boxes of Archie comics.
  We simply had to develop a sense of humour to allow us to get through the long winters, and short summers, with just friends. That is where sarcasm grew, and perhaps some of those I meet now, can't quite find the funny in my sarcastic remarks, but those who went through childhood with me, had their own sense of Ha-Ha, mine just leans heavily on sarcasm. I tend to think that the group of people I spent my school age with, are perhaps the funniest people in the world. I can't watch a comedy show without hearing something that brings back a memory.
  So, because I managed to survive my childhood learning to find something funny, without the aid of electronic devices of any sort, I am able to find the humour in a pretty dreary job. I am also blessed with a co-worker who is totally in Sync with me. Between the two of us, we can manage to drag others into the Hysterics and something so benign as stinky socks, can set us off all day.
  A day filled with cleaning up after strangers, may sound like the least funny way to make a living, but, life is what you make it, and I will prove to all of you, there is funny in nearly everything!