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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Well, I figured I had been coming down pretty hard on Hotel guests. Maybe I would take the time to give you a heads up, on what will make you someone, the biddies (us) will enjoy as guests.
  You may think we just like those who are spotless, and never shower, Hah! Nope, we would rather clean a bathtub, than imagine the person who has stayed with us for 10 days, and never once dampened a towel.
   We have actually developed a liking for guests who have floors covered in dirty laundry, and sinks full of stinking dishes. Why? Simply because these poor folks are stuck in the hotel for months on end, with very few days off. They spend long days working hard, come back to make their meals (not all have meals paid for by their company) shower, and hit the hay to do it all over again the next day. They are very pleasant when we do run into them, and low maintenance. They will put the DND sign out, and catch us once in awhile for clean towels. These guys, we will make extra effort for. Today, we decided to ignore one guests sign, he has been with us for 2 months, and has not had a chance to go home to visit his family. He knows darn well my friend has ignored the sign before, and does not have a problem with this, he is just nice, and doesn't want to cause us extra work. In we go, it's a disaster! Laundry all about, and a sink full of stinking dishes. Instead of being upset, we decide to change his bedding, do up his dishes, and organize things a little. We did this, because, he has shown consideration to us, time and again, and we have a mutual appreciation of each other. That is all it takes to have Housekeeping "Like" you. We understand most folks who have the experience of staying in our hotel, are not here because they want to be. They are here because they are working. Same goes for Housekeeping. I can honestly state, not one of us go into this job, because we love it, we are there to make money. When a guest takes that single moment to treat us as fellow human beings, we appreciate it, and in return, we will go the extra mile to show that appreciation.
  So, with that said, don't go leaving a mess, and give us a smile.Just remember, the hotel is our workplace, and we enjoy an easy day, same as the next person.We like the spotless people too.....