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  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
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Friday, 23 March 2012

Day of Dread

O.K., I was in the shower, when I figured out, I need to write about today, my mind just amazes me!! Before this, I want to ensure you remember who I am. I am a decrepit old broad, with knees that need fixing, one roll too many around my middle, wrinkles like a prune, arthritic hands, and extremely poor eyesight.My partner is older than me, far skinnier, but just as decrepit, and just as arthritic (I don't think she is near as wrinkled, though). So, keep this in mind, when I explain what my day consists of.
  Now, I have chopped my hair off, I figured it was becoming a problem, too short for a ponytail, and long enough to get sweaty, so, off it came. I often shower when I get home, and wake up too late to shower in the morning. Short hair is easy maintenance, except after a person sleeps on it when it is still damp. Many mornings I wake up with a rooster tail, as I brush my teeth, I see this sticking up, and debate..."should I attempt to find a way to flatten it?" most mornings, I decide, " nope, I'll have a second cup of coffee. I'm not going to try and impress anyone with my stunning good looks". Besides, I have a man, who has seen me in far worse condition than a rooster tail. I go into work, and meet up with my buddy, who also has a clump of hair sticking up, and we do comment to each other, as we begin our daily drudge. Maybe if we did not go in so early, we could spend the time to beautify ourselves, but, really...Truth be told, we have had one housekeeper actually find the man of her dreams cleaning rooms, but, as the two of us already have our men, we don't want to tempt fate.
  Now onto the Day of Dread. I mentioned the short-staffed business (countless times), and it is a nasty little problem. Very seldom do my partner and I plan on the same weekend off, but, we realized quite awhile back, we were going to have to face this issue this very weekend. We warned everyone, and thought things were covered, but, of course, things never work out as planned, and it became clear, there was likely only going to be two people all weekend. Hey, we have done this many times before, it's not nice, but it is possible. We decided that to be fair, we would both spend today, just the two of us, so the others could have a break before their bout. We actually sat down to tea last night, discussing how we would manage. We have 27 hotel rooms that must be cleaned, 2 of those were strips, which means a total clean, one guest out, another coming in, then we have one outlying area with 6 large living units, one house, 4 small units, one also a strip, and another outlying area on the opposite side of town with 9 row houses, one of course to be stripped. That is an awful lot for two old biddies, but, once we got started, we blew our own minds. It is incredible how much work we did, and yet, old and arthritic as we are, it was no where near as dreadful as we had imagined. By lunchtime, we knew we would manage fine. That is the result of the common sense that both of us learned way back in the day. We knew that we would have to push ourselves to begin with, as some of those rooms hold nasty surprises, our method is something we have learned over time.To have a friend you work with, requires you to share, and neither of us would feel comfortable letting the other do more than 1/2, right? We can walk into a room, and instantly begin to work together, maybe it is this simple because we have been doing this for so many years, but, I think it is because we both began our working years back in the old days, and remember when it was possible to get fired if you did not complete your work load. There are days when we only have to do 1/4 of this work load, and those days are good. But today was good, as well. It gave us the chance to do the whole thing ourselves, and prove that although we are no longer young and energetic, we are still able to do a very labour intensive job. Strange as it seems, I am glad we had the Day of Dread, I know that there is still life left in this old girl, and that, even Bizarro world, allows me a feeling of satisfaction.