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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Despicable Duffle Bags!

I'm back!! There are times when this decrepit old body can't handle the demands of this job, and I can't even find the energy to sit down and natter. This past while has been such a time, but I am slowly recovering, and hope that some venting may allow me to return to my usual buoyant self,lol. O.K. no jokes on the fact that flab is always buoyant, you know what I mean....
  I decided because of my physical limitations lately, caused by "old lady knees", I would try and educate any of you that may ,at some time, spend time in a hotel, on the finer points of luggage storage.
  So, remember, I do not work at the Hyatt, so we do not have fancy schmancy stands for guests to deposit their suitcases. In fact, we seldom have guests that arrive with suitcases. Most of our customers show up with the dreaded Duffle Bag.Now I understand, it is likely the easiest way to cart all of your belongings from place to place. I do mean, ALL of your belongings!! I have seen 2 grown men carry a single duffle bag into a room, which gives some concept of what these bags can weigh. The bag is then deposited at the foot of the guest's bed. Often, other bags are places beside this bag, and various pairs of footwear lined up as well. Ahhh..it is likely the thoughtful person assumes this is the best place for the bag, or, often in the tiny little rooms, it is simply the only place, that will allow walking space. The problem I have with this, is, no thought is given on how the bed is going to be made. Yep, even the cleanest guest, leaves an unmade bed, and it is my job to make it. All our beds must be pulled out, to allow even the skinny ones, to get to the other side to make a bed. Our choice to accomplish this is, to either climb over personal belongings, fingers crossed we do not hear a horrible crunching sound as we step gingerly on the top of a buried computer or cell phone, or proceed to pick up every single piece of luggage up and move it out of the way. Cripes, I do not belong to the local Gym (heehee, there is no local Gym) nor do I have Red Bull wings, I have had to resort to pulling those 2 ton bags across the floor, making a bed, and then dragging them back again, so that it looks like I magically hovered over top of things, leaving a neatly made bed. The other issue is, often the damn beds slide right off the frames. Then we have to lift mattress and box spring up into the air and wrestle them back onto the frame. I bet you folks never realized the complexity of hotel housekeeping, did you?
  I suppose I should try and look on the bright side of things, I do get paid for a vigorous exercise program, other idiots actually dish out money for stuff like this, using expensive weights, and such. Goodness, imagine the money they could save, if they would just show up at a random hotel, and offer to clean a few rooms.I should count my blessings, my sagging arm flab remains reasonably tight from lifting those despicable duffle bags. My gosh, what the heck was I thinking, I should be grateful to each and every guest that allows me this pleasure!