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  • The Green Mile
  • Animal Farm
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Lord of the Rings
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Bizarro World

O.K. did Superman visit that world? I seem to remember him suddenly getting transported (perhaps by Kryptonite) into a world where everything was backwards, or the opposite of "normal". That is the world I feel I am trust into each day I head to work. My friend and I used to say the single word "Bizarre" countless times during our work day, and decided that we were trapped in Bizarro world. Now, sadly, we have grown accustomed  to the total lack of "normal;" we don't even speak of this anymore. Oh, it's not that we don't know we are wandering throughout another dimension, shrugs, head shakes, ticks, convulsions, and strange growling noises are common place in our daily routine. We have recently started making a pig like squeal, with the word "well", it has actually become our Mantra, and we have noticed some of the others exhibiting this noise (perhaps teetering on the edge of the two worlds?). Stating the fact that what we were experiencing was only short-term, and upon exiting the work place, we would find ourselves back in the real world, used to work, to calm us, however, recently, we have become worried that this has collected on our bodies in some sort of film, and has been coming into our homes. Oh, we shower, but the bizarre stuff just will not wash away. We call each other in the evening, to check to see if we are imagining this, but, sadly, it is immediately confirmed upon speaking, that we cannot escape.
  One positive, I have not found myself dreaming of job experiences, but my poor friend has. Oh, I can't imagine the nightmare, working throughout the insanity, and then having it invade your sleep!!! I can't have a single conversation without work popping up. My gosh, is this the sign of a very sad life? I have a wonderful man, children, grandchildren, beloved friends, an awesome dog, yet....every single waking moment is sprinkled, or, more often, doused with talk of work.
  I think I have been pretty clear, this is not the job I planned for myself, in fact, as I also stated, I HATE my job, so why has it taken total control of my life? In truth, I think it is because I am stuck with it, kind of like a conjoined twin, that you just can't get rid of, because it is connected through vital body parts. I wonder what I did so very wrong in my life, that Karma seems to feel I deserve this punishment. I attempt to begin each day with a positive mind set, only to have that disappear upon opening my eyes. I offer words of support to my friend, but she knows, they are empty. We are working in the Hotel California, we have checked in, and now we can never, ever leave!
  I had hoped this blog would evacuate some of the crud that has settled so thick inside me, that it spews continually out my lips, and have not given up, yet. With any luck, this Bizarro world is not using me to contaminate all those who sit down to read my rant. Hey, maybe that wouldn't be so bad, perhaps some of you will suddenly be overcome by the desire to join our world, and we won't be so short-staffed. Think about it......