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Monday, 19 March 2012

Common Sense

Help, I had a whole day off, and all that happened, is, I spent the whole day dreading going back. Pretty bad, eh? Why do I keep going in? Sadly, I need the job to keep my sanity, and it is a continual tug-of-war to convince myself, it is keeping me sane, rather than driving me nuts! You must keep in mind, small town, few jobs. This offers me enough money to go back the day after pay day, and unless the Trade fairy flitters by and drops a Trade on my lap, I am at an age, this will have to do. I don't have connections, I don't have key board skills (yes, I am still pecking away with 4 fingers, and looking at the keyboard, just like I did back in the old days at the Underwood typewriter) so, I have very few options. It's do this, or stay home.
  I do know the solution to making my job more appealing, and that would be the welcome addition of Common sense in the workplace. I used to enjoy work, my first job was working for a magnificent boss. He built the hotel, he maintained the Hotel, he did every single blasted job at one time or another, and he was consistent. He had a set policy on how things were to run, and every  employee learned this policy and followed it. There were no surprises, you knew what your job was, and how it was to be done, and you did it. You were not expected to go over and above your duties, but, in truth, because our Boss always went beyond his, every single staff member would as well. We didn't think about it, because we knew our boss would go the extra mile for each  of us. I was lucky, in some ways, but, now I expect this in every job I have. My boss had a great deal of common sense, work ethic, and , he knew the value of a pat on the back with a job well done. Those employers have become obsolete.
  What is the  new trend? Is it, if you have an employee that comes in every day they are scheduled, and puts in a full days work without having to cry for assistance, you totally ignore them. However, if you have high maintenance employees who call in at the last minute to(or don't call in at all) dump  a shift, who whine at the job they are given, who take forever to do the job, who do it poorly, who are in the office on a constant basis telling their personal woes, you bend over backwards to appease them? When I grew up, we were taught to keep our job and personal life separate, what changed? The explanation of why some employees are treated so differently is" If they quit, who will we get?" Whoa, is that where the world has come to? No more Kudos on a job well done, folks who do their jobs properly, apparently won't quit.It's the slack assers that suddenly become indispensable.I wonder, because I know it is not only my workplace that has come to this point, I have seen it various times in the past few years in places far more advanced than the hotel.
  So, why do I stay? I suppose mainly because I know that since Common sense has all but disappeared in the school, in Government, in Health care, in the Media, it is unlikely that I will find it anywhere else in such a small town.Now I just have to figure out a way to keep my Common sense quiet, until I leave the building.


  1. I'm going to pay tribute to an old boss of mine now, because you just made me think about him at the exact time I was wondering what to write about tomorrow. Thanks, and thanks for putting this post out. It is far worse there, than it is here, because there are a lot of people waiting to fill jobs here. That was my biggest pet peeve about being in John; they knew that there was not going to be anyone to fill in.

    It's no excuse, but the opportunistic bastards will take any shortcuts that they can.

    Good post, Debla

  2. Thanks Chris. I wondered if it was just old biddies like me who saw this happening, but you are just a young whipper snapper, so guess it's not just an age thing,lol.
    Glad you had a wonderful boss, as well, I think Ian was the best boss a young person could hope to start off with. Think of him often.